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Lillalink is a childrenswear brand, which offers an original line of complementary and playful? garments, although always chic, each pair telling a story.

"Twin" playful clothes

Children discover the world and develop their imagination through playing and dreaming. As a result, I wanted to associate to each Lillalink set of garments, a little fairytale illustrated by the patterns of the clothes.

This suggestion of a story enables children to think of new game possibilities. With Lillalink, clothes become fun and children share a “secret” bond, each taking a piece of the story with them (and wearing it!)…


Care for children's skin

The collection is made in 100% Cotton, with a line of organic cotton bodysuits (find out more on biological cotton at Lillalink).
My silkscreen partner works exclusively with inks in compliance with health and safety standards, ensuring no sanitary risk for children.

About me

My name is Séverine and I am the designer of the Lillalink clothing brand. I am 32 years old, I live in Nice, and I am from this area. After taking on film studies in Paris, I was an assistant and production manager for movies, TV shows and advertisements, as well as for cultural events for the past five years.
I started designing styles for Lillalink and setting up at the same time a website,, in November 2010.
The store got launched in August 2011.
You will be able to look at my designs in the store, the Lillashop. In the Lillablog, I provide you with my favorites, my wishes, and my journey as a designer… In summary, you can enjoy a little piece of my life and me!
For everything else, please use the contact form and the comments section in the articles, through which you can send me a note.

Enjoy your visit, and Welcome to Lillalink!

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